The Honey Trees “Wake the Earth” Review


I was first introduced to the band The Honey Trees about a year ago after a friend of mine saw them live and put their song To Be with You on a mix CD for me. He was completely amazed by both the music and by how friendly Becky Flip and Jacob Wick were, the two musicians that make up the band. Since getting that one song, I’ve listened to it dozens of times and I never get tired of it. Recently, I purchased the rest of their album ‘”Wake the Earth”. To say the least, I am just as impressed with the rest of the album as I first was with To Be with You. If you’re interested in finding soft and relaxing music, I would highly recommend that you check out The Honey Trees. I’m positive you won’t be disappointed.

My other favorite songs on the album are Don’t Fear, Through Your Eyes and Love & Loss. To Be with You still remains high on my list of favorites too. I’m always a fan of songs with piano parts in it, like Love & Loss. Whenever I’m listening to new music, I always pay close attention to the lyrics. It makes me appreciate a band so much more when they can master unique song lyrics. The songwriting in this album is so creative and beautiful. And to top it all off, Becky has a pretty outstanding voice.

Besides the music itself, I always pay attention to how a band interacts with their fans on the Internet. The Honey Trees does a great job at this. If you go on their Facebook, you’ll notice they reply to all the posts they get from their fans. They often reply to fans on Twitter as well. In my opinion, it says a lot about a band when they take the time to have a conversation with their fans and show their appreciation. I will absolutely be going to a show when they’re in my area!


You can check out more by The Honey Trees on their Web sites:




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