The City of Dusk, Band on the Rise


The City of Dusk may be a young band, but they are definitely a band heading in the right direction. When I first listened to some songs from their demo, I was amazed by how great the sound was, especially for being only a demo. Any band that has acoustic versions of songs is instantly on my good side, so I was definitely pleased once I listened to Words Become Nothing.

When the band first began at a school talent show around Hermann, MO, it was only Alex on guitars/vocals and Brandon on drums. A few years later and after going through a couple band members and different music styles, the band has found a style that has really become their own. Tate has joined the band as the lead guitarist/vocals and their bassist is Keegan. The band has a similar sound as bands like All Time Low or Mayday Parade.

When it comes to inspiration for their songwriting, Alex said “Basically, whenever we feel it. I usually start with a melody or a particular line of lyrics I like and start pouring my heart into the song. It’s almost like being an author sometimes when I write “story songs” like Tonight.” For the next year, the band plans on finishing their demo and sending it out to different radio stations and record labels. They’re doing all the promoting themselves.

For what advice they would give to bands just starting out, Alex recommended “We write what we would listen to. That helps a lot. It also helps to have a group of friends, almost like a street team who love your music, to share with everyone. It’s also good to raise awareness.”

To check out The City of Dusk for yourself, you can visit their Facebook or Myspace:


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