The Inspirational Ainjel Emme

If I had to describe Ainjel Emme in one word, it would be inspirational. When I first listened to her song Straight to Hell, I was blown away by her outstanding voice and the melody of the instruments all coming together. Her music is simply beautiful. Yet I quickly found out that there’s a lot more to this singer/songwriter than her beautiful music.

Once I started getting to know more about her, I was instantly inspired by her passion and dedication to her music. Ainjel is a DIY singer/songwriter. She has pursued the whole record deal thing in the past, but she realized it wasn’t the right path for her. She grew up in a very music oriented family. Her mom is also a singer/songwriter and she would open up for her mom once she started writing her own songs. Something I found interesting was that she hasn’t had any voice lessons and she struggled with her voice when she was growing up. She said “I struggled with my voice for a long time, to be honest. It’s such a weird, awkward instrument. I’m only now starting to feel comfortable in knowing how to use it.” Her new comfort with her voice really shows when you listen to her music. I am simply in love with the vocals in her songs. When I asked her where she gets her inspiration from, she answered with “People things. Love. Fear. Empathy. An unapologetic, indulgent passion for the many shades of the human spectrum.”

For the next year, she’s working on a fundraiser for a small tour to start reaching a more nation wide audience. Since she doesn’t have any type of management, she does a lot of the promoting work herself. “I have to pace myself in a way that I don’t get overwhelmed by all the different things I have to do to stay up and running. My to-do list is always pages long.” Along with promoting her music, she’s also working on material for a third album!

When it comes to what advice she would give to bands or singer/songwriters that are just starting out, Ainjel said “Figure out who you really are and what you really want. Don’t do it for the money or the fame. Don’t compare, don’t compete. Do it with love. Don’t flake out on the rest of your life. Don’t believe the hype. Practice, practice, practice. Treat your career like a gift at all times.”

After discovering Ainjel and her music, I’m really excited to follow her music and see where it takes her. She’s playing at Genghis Cohen in LA on September 2nd. (& It’s all ages!) I will definitely be going, so you can expect to see more about Ainjel on the blog in the future!

You can find out more about Ainjel and listen to her music for yourself at her website:


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  1. ainjel emme: music and adventures.

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