Breathe Carolina “Hell Is What You Make It” Review

Breathe Carolina has always been a band I’ve enjoyed. I got their album “Hello Fascination” just about two years ago and I had it on repeat for weeks afterwards. It’s still one of the CDs I play often in my car. Right around when their new album “Hell Is What You Make It” came out, I first listened to the song Blackout. I was instantly addicted to it and had it get the whole album. Just like I assumed, I absolutely love the album. The thing I love about Breathe Carolina is they aren’t like every other band out there. Their sound is their own and it’s unique. They have a rock sound, with a little electronic mix and even some screaming parts. The rhythm easily gets stuck in your head. Listening to this band will instantly put you in a good mood.

Blackout is still one of my favorite songs from it, but there are numerous other good ones. I also really like Wooly, Last Night (Vegas), Gone So Long and Take It Back. The new album has a little bit of a different sound than the last album. I was instantly hooked on the last album, but “Hell Is What You Make It” took a little while to grow on me. “Hello Fascination” may still be my favorite album by the band, but the new album is definitely worth checking out, especially if you’re already a fan of Breathe Carolina.

If you’ve never listened to “Hello Fascination”, I would recommend you listen to songs like Take Me to Infinity, My Obsession, Hello Fascination…or pretty much just the entire album.

You can check out the band at the following websites:



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