321 Stereo Brings The Energy

One of the big things I pay attention to when it comes to listening to new bands is the kind of mood the music puts me in. & As soon as I started listening to 321 Stereo, I was convinced it is impossible to be in anything besides an amazing and upbeat mood when you listen to them. It’s the kind of music that makes you want to get up and move and it’s the kind of songs that get stuck in your head for days. 321 Stereo is a new wave/pop/dance band from San Diego who’s been around since 2009 and consists of Aubrey King on vocals, Jennie Ortega on bass, Patrick Dela Cruz on drums, Allan Celio on keyboards, and Raj Rajasingh on guitar. You can catch them  playing at the Playground Festival in Irvine this Saturday, alongside acts such as Lil Jon, New Boyz, Shiny Toy Guns, The Game and Panic! At The Disco. If you’re looking for fun, upbeat music and a band that is full of energy, I would definitely recommend this band… But be prepared that their song Tell Me is pretty likely to be stuck in your head for days, like it was for me. I asked the lead singer Aubrey King a few questions about what’s helped the band’s success, where they get inspiration from, and what their plans are for the rest of the year. Check out what she had to say:


BLD Music Quest:  The amount of accomplishments 321 Stereo has made only in a little over two years is absolutely amazing. What do you think has helped the band’s success?

Aubrey:  We’ve been fortunate to have great team around us starting with our Manager Fale, Booking Agent Lauren and the many friends/family that have helped us in some way with either PR/marketing or booking us. We also try to play as many shows at as many different venue’s as we can to continue to gain exposure and hopefully while gaining experience and new fans.  Thankfully that work has translated in being invited to play some great shows, and in our 2 time nomination for “Best Pop” at the San Diego Music Awards


BLD Music Quest:  Where does the band get inspiration for new music?

Aubrey:  From various places…life experiences, other musicians and bands such as Pat Benetar, The Human Leagure, and The Jets. Each member of our band has a heavy influence into our sound. Whether it’s our keyboardist Allan’s love of 80’s music and synth sounds, or Patrick’s intricate punk style of drumming, we all contribute our different musical influences into one unique sound.


BLD Music Quest:  What are the band’s plans for the rest of 2011?

Aubrey:  Our #1 priority before 2012 is to record our 5 song EP, while continuing to play more shows in Southern California to promote, and get our music out to as many people as possible.  September is also a huge “festival month” for us as we are playing in 4 consecutive music festivals on every weekend in September.


BLD Music Quest:   Is there any possibility for touring in the future?

Aubrey:  We’ve had some opportunities but our focus is having the EP done by November. After the EP is finished, touring is definitely next on the list!  As of now we are in the works for a possible tour in Arizona, and in the Portland/Seattle area, while of course still playing where we can here in Southern California.


You can check out 321 Stereo for yourself at the following links:




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