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Aloha Radio Is Making Waves


Aloha Radio is a rather new band from Southern California that has quite a unique sound. They provide their audiences with the ultimate surf rock experience. I instantly loved the band after listening to their song My Hand My Heart.  They’re also involved in some pretty impressive events lately, such as the Doheny Days Music Festival on September 10th alongside Neon Trees, Weezer, Ziggy Marley, Cake and Ben Harper. The band consists of four  members, Lauren Mulderrig on lead vocals, ukulele, and acoustic guitar, Alex Barnett on electric guitar, lap steel and backing vocals, Captin on bass, and Chris Hori on drums and percussion. I asked Lauren a little more about Aloha Radio, what the band’s plans are for the rest of the year, and what advice she would give to bands that are just starting out. This is what she had to say:


BLD Music Quest: How did Aloha Radio get started?
Lauren: Aloha Radio was formed about 2 years ago out of  a previous project. I was originally performing as a solo artist with a band. I discovered my surf roots and that’s when everything changed. Living in Southern California I have always been surrounded by surfing and surf culture. I was on surf team in high school and really love surfing for fun and relaxation. I wrote a song when visiting Hawaii one summer called “Deep Blue Ocean”. This song inspired the new direction. I haven’t looked back since.
BLD Music Quest: Where do you get inspiration for new music?
Lauren: I get inspiration for new music from everything. New experiences, surfing, traveling, mistakes, love…inspiration is endless!
BLD Music Quest: What are some plans the band has for the rest of the year?
Lauren: We’ve been really busy over the summer and that momentum is going to continue into the rest of the year!
Aloha Radio is stoked to be apart of the return of Doheny Days Music Festival in a couple weeks. We are one of the few local acts that were booked to play and we’ll be opening the festival at 11:45AM-12:45PM Saturday, September 10th on the Cove stage. We will also be recording our debut full length album and hopefully be ready to release by Summer 2012. Once we make the record, we’re planning to hit the road and start touring.
BLD Music Quest: What advice would you give to bands just starting out? 
Lauren: My advice to bands just starting out would be to rehearse as much as possible. Really refine your skills. Play as much as you can and avoid “pay to play” at all costs. Believe in yourself and make it happen!


You can check out Aloha Radio at the following sites:


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